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Our Story

A little maker turns into a big maker.

I remember running home from school at age 8 with pockets filled with rocks (precious things) I’d carefully collected along the roadside, to add to my ever growing collection. You couldn’t have told me that it was just gravel, I would have scoffed and told you to look closer.

I started my first creative business in my dorm room, with graphic Tshirt designs sold in art galleries and boutiques across town. I began designing jewelry in 2009, letting my hands decide how each piece was going to play out. 

Most of the reason I create is to share the my creations with others.. it’s a big part of the joy of the creative process for me – some useful, beautiful, was-never-here-before piece that can now bring joy to another lovely human being. 

Inspired by:
- Good quality leather with that distinctive scent
- Words
- Well worn paperback books
- The movement of a dancer's body
- Raindrops on the roof of cozy libraries

Thanks for sharing in my creative process, and letting a little bit of my world come into yours.